I Love Weezer Yes I Do - Amy Brooks

I love Weezer.  I really do.  I can't place why exactly.  They don't boast the greatest guitar player, Brian Bell is great but he's no Jimmy Page, (and he doesn't have to be...which is the beauty of Weezer).  Rivers Cuomo is quirky and has been his hipster self long before the term was coined for those Buddy-Holly-glasses-wearing types.  I guess it has to be the music. It's simple. And their arrangements, lyrics and over all sound are interesting and captivating seemingly to all.  they are exactly what I love about music and life in general.  they don't care what people think. They're just themselves. No need to put on any bravado or grandeur, no make up, no teased hair.   Not hard rock but definitely not soft rock. Weezer lives beautifully right in our little world of Alternative Rock just as they are.

Anyway my point is this: Sure, their music has changed here and there but this new album, their 11th, sounds like an old album, which is nothing but a relief.  Weezer gets a lot of guff for albums like Raditude and Hurley but they all have a special place in my musical heart, because hey it's Weezer.  The band just released their 3rd new album in 3 years, "Everything Will Be Alright In The End", released in 2014, the Grammy nominated "White Album" which dropped in April of 2016 and now this, their brand new album "Pacific Daydream" released Oct 27, 2017. which alone is impressive, but what struck me is the accolades they've received for all of these new records.  Maybe we are actually becoming reacquainted and  more enamored with Weezer because they seem to have gone back to the roots of the "Blue Album" (their debut in 1994). Fuck re-inventing yourselves, give the people what they want!  Bravo and thank you Weezer.  I'm just happy that such an important 90's band continues to sound great so they will stay relevant and maybe it won't just be a bunch of 45-55 year olds buying their music and attending their shows.

Either way I'm psyched for all this cool Weezer news:

New Album "Pacific Daydream" available now.

Weezer announces their 2018 headline tour with one of River's favorite bands The Pixies.

Tickets on sale Friday Nov 10th, 2017 for their tour stop at the Xfinity Center, Mansfield July 17, 2018 with special guest The Wombats. 

Win a signed Weezer guitar and a trip to sunny Los Angeles HERE! 

Here they are playing "Happy Hour" from their new album on Colbert:

Weezer Performs 'Happy Hour'

The storied rock band treats the Ed Sullivan Theater to a track from their new album 'Pacific Daydream.'