To My Delight I Saw Imagine Dragons At The TD Garden - Amy Brooks

Meaningful. Tight. Classy. Energizing. Captivating.  Just some of the descriptions off the top of my mind as I review Imagine Dragons Evolve Tour stop at the Boston Garden, which left us fans truly "on top of the world" (song reference) 😉  I have met and I have seen Imagine Dragons at the House of Blues before the quick rise in their career when they looked to Alt 92.9 to promote their first album Night Visions.   We of course effortlessly obliged as we knew they were to be something greater than great.  And indeed, that is what they have become.

From the first row balcony (section 329) with my plus 1 (my 11 year old daughter Cameron's first concert), the view was great, but the sound was better and the vibe even greater still.  The first thing I noticed was that I was not the only parent who had taken their kid.  And mind you, Imagine Dragons ain't no pop outfit. By this I mean to say we parents who like to hear real instruments and band who play music, this was no Drake or Katy Perry production. This was 4 guys (and a touring keyboardist) who were inspired by Arcade Fire, Nirvana, Muse, The Beatles, Coldplay and U2. and it showed.  What gave me great pause was the number of kids aged 7-14 as well as kids from 28-90 (I swear I saw a great-grandma rockin' out to I'm So Sorry! That's gonna be me btw).

So back to the vibe.  Was it me or was EVERYONE inside the arena kind, gracious, smiling and friendly.  If you had gone alone you truly weren't.  You were dancing and singing along with your new pal next to you and the guy next to him etc.  In fact, I walked up to my seat, and the guy sitting in seat 4 had just bought a pretty kickin' tequila drink and guess who swiped it as she walked by causing it to quite literally explode on the cement floor at our feet.  Me.  As I begged him to let me by him a new one he wouldn't allow it and he ran out and got a new one no questions asked.  He and his girl friend even spent much of the evening engaging with my daughter telling her she "rocked".  (Don't worry i have a plan to repay the guy in some way) but what a great guy.  Well, it was a venue of truly good people there for one reason, to kick back and take in Las Vegas's newest and finest arena filling band.

Perhaps it was the note on which the show began. The band took their places with their instruments (each band member also has a sort of percussion set up in addition to their guitars and microphones), and then out strides the 6' 5" Dan Reynolds who moves like a gazelle all over the cat walk, no one can take their eyes off of him as he sings "I Don't Know Why" from their new album and name sake of the tour itself "Evolve".  When the music stops he spoke. This was no scripted tale.  From the heart he explained the bands' love and respect for Boston, not simply because 3 of the 4 band members went to Berklee but because we are resilient, strong, we have such a sense of community and we don't let adversity stand in our way.  He said being from Las Vegas and him being here in Boston gave him a powerful sense of belonging, "Vegas Strong and Boston Strong" he said, and the crowd went nuts.  Then the band played "It's Time" and we all seemed to know every word, much to the band's delight.  There's nothing like going to a concert and seeing the BAND members strutting around the stage with smiles from ear to ear.

Another highlight was when he told the crowd that yesterday was behind us, no sense worrying about it. Let's just live for right NOW, now, now and now....then they broke into "Yesterday". (FULL SET LIST BELOW)

Imagine Dragons - Yesterday (Evolve Tour 2017)

Yesterday by Imagine Dragons performed on the first night of the Evolve Tour 9 26 17 Phoenix, AZ 72

Shortly after a raucous bid for the future, he had some words about depression and to please get help, that there is strength in that.  And that he himself struggled with depression not long ago and now his therapist is his best friend. Then slowly the band slid into "Demons" with 90% of the venue lit up by concert goers cell phone lights, it really was spectacular, plus I can say first hand that I saw tears in the eyes of many.

The band made a late set trip to the other side of the Garden and played a stripped down 3 song set that included a few words on the late Tom Petty and a touching rendition of "I Won't Back Down".  After they made their way back tot he main stage Dan explained that it wastes time to do the gratuitous encore process so they had plans to just play all there songs without them having to go back stage and come back out, and that was when the show was like an assault on the senses.  Everyone chanting and screaming and singing and dancing, what a way to wrap up an already eventful and poignant rock show.

Thunder, I Bet My Life, Walking The Wire, Believer and of course Radioactive.  

I hope you can now see why these are the words that come to mind when explaining Imagine Dragons tremendous visit to our fair city. Meaningful. Tight. Classy. Energizing and captivating. Thank you Imagine Dragons for  your inspirational songwriting, for your encompassing sound and for putting us truly on top of the world for that whole evening and beyond.


Radioactive - Imagine Dragons Boston

Encore- awesome show! 10/29/2017

Believer - Imagine Dragons Boston

TD Garden 10/29/2017 - awesome show!



I Don't Know Why

It's time


Whatever It Takes

I'll Make It Up To You

Mouth Of the River


Start Over


Rise Up

I'm So Sorry

On Top Of The World

B-Stage Acoustic

Tom Petty cover - I Won't Back Down

Bleeding Out


Main Stage


I Bet My life


Walking The Wire