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POLL: Most Infamous Film Scene That An Actor Will Never Live Down

Jon Favreau, who celebrates his 51st birthday today (October 19), has made a name for himself as of late as a major producer/director, but let’s never forget the film that started it all: 1996’s Swingers.

The film is a perfect time capsule of the decade. (We’re looking at you swing revival!) But the hands-down most 90’s moment in the film is Favreau’s answering machine scene, which is as cringe-inducing as it is poetic and a scene Favreau will never live down.

Naturally, a scene like this makes us think of other notorious film scenes and has led us to this question: What is the most infamous film scene that an actor will never down?

We created the poll below with five stellar choices. Cast your vote, and if you need to jog your memory a bit, all five scenes can be viewed below the poll. (WARNING: NSFW content!)

Swingers (7/12) Movie CLIP - Mike Leaves a Message (1996) HD

Swingers movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Mike (Jon Favreau) leaves a series of increasingly desperate messages on the answering machine of a girl he met that night.

Dumb and Dumber - Toilet Scene

the toilet scene from dumb and dumber


There's Something About Mary (2/5) Movie CLIP - Hair Gel (1998) HD

There's Something About Mary movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: iTunes - Google Play - FoxConnect - Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Ted (Ben Stiller) is disgusted when Mary (Cameron Diaz) borrows some of his home-made hair gel.

The 40- Year Old Virgin (5/11) Best Movie Quote - Body Waxing Scene (2005)

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American Pie (6/12) Movie CLIP - Warm Apple Pie (1999) HD

American Pie movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Jim (Jason Biggs) has sex with his mom's freshly made apple pie and is caught by his dad (Eugene Levy).


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