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'Dana Carvey Show' Documentary Coming to Hulu

After his run on Saturday Night LiveDana Carvey tried to launch his own sketch comedy show called The Dana Carvey Show. It failed miserably! It's hard to believe it bombed so bad, considering all of the names that were attached to the project. Huge names today, but many of them unknown back in 1996. Aside from Carvey himself, we're talking guys like Steve CarrellStephen Colbert and a struggling comedian for a head writer by the name of Louis CK.

How could this show have failed? Too Funny to Fail is the new documentary coming to Hulu to explain it all. Conveniently enough, the streaming service also has all eight episodes of The Dana Carvey Show if you would like to brush up.

Too Funny To Fail begins streaming on Hulu October 21st. You can check out the trailer below!

Too Funny To Fail Trailer (Official) * on Hulu

Uploaded by Hulu on 2017-10-18.