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Dave Grohl Strikes Again With Another Good Deed

It’s Monday, and we all could use some happy news.  As per usual, all we have to do is look to Dave Grohl, rock and roll’s gift that keeps on giving, and in this case, that sentiment is literal.

Foo Fighters played a gig in Washington D.C. over the weekend and at the band’s meet-and-greet, there was a fan on crutches whose injured foot was shoeless.  Grohl then retrived his orthopedist, who apparently was on hand for some reason, and then this happened.

sabryn on Twitter

tonight dave grohls orthopedic doctor told me if i didn't put a shoe on my foot it wouldn't get better. so dave gave me one of his shoes?

As cool as this was, this still ranks as our second favorite shoe-related rockstar/fan moment.  Number one will forever be when Eddie Vedder drank wine out of a fan’s shoe, while Matt Cameron looks on from his drum kit in mild horror.

Eddie Vedder drinks wine from shoe - stockholm 2014

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