1994 MTV News - Dave Grohl Asked To Play SNL With Tom Petty

This is the best.  Pure TV gold.  Not just because it's old footage (1994) of Kurt Loder on MTV but because it's just Dave Grohl being Dave Grohl and is proof that he truly hasn't changed at all.

Check out this clip of Dave recounting when Tom Petty called him on the phone to see if he'd be willing to play drums for the Heartbreakers during their SNL appearance.



Dave Grohl playing with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on SNL [Runnin' Down A Dream]

Dave Grohl was given the opportunity to play drums for The Heartbreaks on Saturday Night Live. Obviously, he accepted. A clip from the documentary about Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers called 'Runnin' Down A Dream'. Go buy it. I would appreciate your insight on the content in the video by way of improvements, constructive suggestions, and challenges.