Now THIS Makes Watching College Football Worth While - Amy Brooks

So I'm a big Pats fan, I love the Sox, the B's and the C's. But New England isn't known for following college sports nearly as much as the rest of the country, me included.  This is a Boston phenomenon...likely because we have such a strong and high profile pro teams?  Ijdk.

Well last Saturday during Notre Dame's shellacking of BC (final 49-20), ESPN returned from a commercial break with a video montage of classic black and white photos of Frank Leahy who coached for both teams during his long career, back in the day.  In this video below, Steve Levy, the guy doing play by play, was narrating through the montage and as the video lingered on the final picture, you could almost hear Steve crying for help ("hurry up and change the photo would you PLEASE!") Of course he didn't, but then again it was too late, the final black-and-white photo happened to be the one that lingered the longest and unfortunately (or fortunately!) it was also one that had a dude, buck naked with his shlong hangin' out clear as day in the back ground, for ALL to see...

The Getty photo, was taken in 1941 which is apparently still alive and well in the archive, nudity and all. Can't help but wonder how many have noticed this over the past 70+ years and used it anyway? Was it used in a news print back in the 40's without anyone noticing?  Or has it not been noticed at all?  How many people on the ESPN production team for this game SAW this montage before airing it and didn't notice? Or perhaps they DID! 😉

Whatever the course of blunders were that actually got this on television for at least 10-12 seconds, it is, if nothing else an absolute slice of life and media blooper GOLD!

Thank you ESPN for not only making watching college ball so fun but making this BC loss bearable and forgettable.

Check out the full montage in all its glory here:

WARNING - NUDITY!  (Some faceless guy's junk) lol

-Amy Brooks

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