ICYMI: Eddie Vedder Cries During Tribute To Chris Cornell

So on this September 11th all of these sad yet powerful moments keep popping up for me.  Tributes to those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, footage of the 38 wildfires and drought conditions in the north west, and as I was looking for a particular Pearl Jam performance, THIS popped into view.  Eddie Vedder's powerful and emotional tribute to Chris Cornell shortly after his dear, dear old friend and collaborator's shocking death.

It's an absolutely stirring acoustic rendition of "Black" where you see a visibly teared up Eddie Vedder leading an equally emotional crowd through a beautiful singalong; it's a sob fest for sure, so buyer beware.  (haha possibly NSFW).  I think it all goes sideways for me when his he repeats “We belong together” with a cracking voice, over the audience’s humming. Of course the part when he cries out (for his friend) “Come back, come back, come back” didn't help.

ICMI here's the video:

Pass the Kleenex


Eddie Vedder Cries after Tribute to Chris Cornell-Black

Eddie Vedder singing Black at Firenze Rocks, 24-06-2017 Before he started the song, he mentioned Soundgarden and then ended the song with 'Come back' and tears.