Broadcasting Gold: NFLN's Jane Slater Says "Bulging D*ck" On Live TV

If you've never heard of NFL Network reporter Jane Slater before, that is no longer the case.  She has become something of a household name in under a day.  Perhaps not the way SHE might have wanted to but I'm here to tell her that her screw up is NOT the first time this blooper was said lie on tv, for example check out this AWESOME one that dates back to 1995:

The "Bulging Disc" Blooper From ESPN - 1995

Oops! 🙂

...and it certainly it won't be the last.  But hey, this little blunder is bringing to her thousands more followers and safe to say a new level of popularity and notoriety.

Personally, I know as a broadcaster that it's not always easy to do this job.  I stumble and mis-speak too and I'm just a dumb radio DJ.  I can have notes right in front of me.  I can wear PJs and slippers to work.  Shoot, I can even pick my nose while speaking to you because NO one can see me.

But being on live television is a whole different monster.  You gotta look good AND sound good, you can't have a resting bitch face like I feel like I definitely have from time to time (don't we all?? haha).  And you can't slip up or you WILL get crucified.  It's never a big deal when us radio types slip up because I think people have come to expect it.  Just another day for Amy Brooks on Alt 92.9.

But, I digress - you MUST, if you haven't heard/seen this yet, WATCH.  It's a simple mistake, but like a good fart at the dinner table it's sophomoric humor never gets old.  I do give her HUGE cred though for continuing on through the whole story which went on for almost a minute (the slip up happened early in the story as you will see)

Here is the now famous Jane Slater with her memorable sideline report talking about The back injury of The Cowboys' Tyron Smith...and then check out her tweet after the fact below.

Broadcasting GOLD.  Pure gold.

-Amy Brooks

NFLN's Jane Slater Accidentally Say "bulging dick" On Live TV

NFLN's Jane Slater Accidentally Say "bulging dick" On Live TV Jane Slater "Last year, he was dealing with a bulging dick." Tyron Smith Bulging Dick Issues

Jane Slater on Twitter

Live tv is the greatest. You know what I meant