Perry Farrell And Foo Fighters Do The Mountain Song At Lollapalooza

"There's one person responsible for that revolution in music that happened...thank God for that person, thank God for Mr. Perry Farrell"

Yes Dave, yes indeed.  Those were Dave Grohl's words from the stage of The Metro in Chicago, at a surprise post Lollapalooza after party.   And he sure does tell the truth.  For it was Jane's Addiction's amazing Perry Farrell who conceived and created the festival in 1991 as a farewell tour for his band.  Lolla toured and ran annually until 1997. Then it was revived in '03.

In 2005, Perry and some other big-wig agency in Texas, decided to make in an annual event in one central city with a huge potential audience reach and millions of bands, comedians etc etc.  And the Lollapalooza as we know it now was born and has remained in it's current state as a weekend festival at Grant Park, Chicago...where over 160,000 fans come in from all over the world as their annual destination.

Well, the festival is no stranger to a surprise guest as it doesn't just attract fans it attracts bands who aren't even scheduled to play.  Take Foo Fighters for example...2 days before the start of the festival, they announced they would be at The Metro for a surprise set, but no one expected who their guest on stage would be...the creator of Lollapalooza himself.  And Dave Grohl obliged him and his amazing band (as well as the welcoming and blown away crowd), by playing one of my favorites "The Mountain Song" 

LOVE it.


Check it out here:

Foo's Addiction-Perry Farrell and Foo Fighters play "Mountain Song"

Perry Farrell joins Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters for a very special rendition of "Mountain Song" at The Metro during that band's Aug. 4, 2017 late night set.