Who Does Tom Brady's Wax Statue Look Like Cuz It Ain't Him - Amy Brooks

Dreamland Wax Museum opened this week on 1 Washington Mall, in Boston.  And yeah, Beyonce doesn't quite look like herself, Donald Trump, not so much either but, man once fans saw Tom Brady's wax statue, the Twitter-sphere went of the rails.

I do feel somewhat badly for the artist because I can't imagine it's an easy thing to do, create lifelike likeness of a person just by copying a picture (these celebrities and VIPs aren't exactly modeling for their wax statue).

Anyway, the more I stare at this picture of Tom's wax-self, I just get more and more creeped out and I think that's because it does look like someone, just NOT him.  So below are the pictures of Tom's wax statue (and proof of it not looking anything like him) and then a picture of which QB it may look more like.  See what you think...




AND ONE OF THE MANY DISGRUNTLED FANS (who actually has a point lol)

Josh Billinson on Twitter

Wax Statue Tom Brady isn't perfect, but at least it's not Courtroom Sketch Tom Brady