What To Get Tom Brady For His Birthday - Amy Brooks

Tom Brady is 40 today (wow right?) What on earth do you get a GOAT?  A party at Fanieul Hall? (already happening). A diamond watch? A night out with Gisele Bundchen?  I know! I new pair of Uggs! Yawn. No. These are all so attainable!  But imagine being the guy's friend or sister or parent or something. What on earth can you possibly get this man for his birthday.

The #GOAT, the greatest to play the game, the greatest connoisseur of healthy cuisine, the greatest at keeping his body the shrine that it is?  The man who cliff dives and spars with Sumo wrestlers in Japan?  I mean seriously, what DO you get Tom Brady??

Here's what he told Sports Illustrated that he wants for his 40th:

"Just a day of practice. That would be the perfect day. I want the day to just come and go, where I’m enjoying being out there with the guys like any other day in August over the last 25 years of my life."

I will say of all the ideas though, that some have had, GRONK has the best gift idea of all: TOUCHDOWNS!

Christopher Price on Twitter

Q: What do you get a guy like Tom Brady for his birthday? Gronk: I get him touchdowns. You've got to catch the ball. That's all he wants.


Alas, since us mere mortals can't give him THAT we can celebrate the GOAT's 40th like this:

Faneuil Hall Marketplace today (August 3rd) starting at 1 p.m., stop by North Market to sing "Happy Birthday" to New England's favorite quarterback, followed by helpings of free cake, while supplies last, of course so don't hog it all!  There'll also be a life-sized cutout of TB12 ("that's me on the standee!") so you can snap a selfie with TB12.

Happy Birthday Tom Brady maybe your gift will be ring number 6.

-Amy Brooks