Mean Tweets From Utah After Gordon Hayward Signs With C's

Well. For sure, I think we got a good one here. Gordon Hayward's thank you and fare thee well to Utah was heartfelt and sensitive and grateful.  (Attached below).  But Jazz fans weren't exactly havin' it (also below in the Twitter feed I put in this post for your viewing pleasure).

Man, I thought Boston fans could be bitter.  Some of the Twitter comments from Utah fans were pretty horrible, like, "Gordon I hope you tear your ACL" and "Enjoy losing to Lebron every year" and my personal favorite:


Or how about this one from an obvious Utah beat writer:

No longer wanting adoring media and a staring role, Howard, the seventh year player looked hard in the mirror and decided he wanted to be Player 2, and not Player 1.

Or how about THIS video posted to some disheartened Jazz fan's Twitter page:

Lil Uzi Flirt on Twitter

Dawg lol RT @Jcougar23 #betrayward

I'd expect all of this from Boston and NY fans but Utah?  Why did I think Utah people were especially kind?  I guess, haters gonna hate hate hate no matter where they're from.

In the meantime their loss...Celtics gain!  Welcome to Boston Gordo, mind if I call you Gordo? We all have nick names here in Boston afterall.  If you can tolerate us, you will come to learn, there's no bettah town to play in, period Amen.

-Amy Brooks

Gordon Hayward on Twitter

Thank You, Utah.