Foo Fighters Announce A Surprise Show

So this doesn't really effect us over here on this side of the pond.  However 2 things...

  1. Since it's a last minute, surprise, one-off show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The O2 in London, post Glastonbury, well MAYBE just maybe it's a sign of what's to come?  Maybe they would be inclined to do some surprise one-off shows once they return home? There is no Boston date as of yet on the list of shows on their current schedule...sooo...ya see where I'm going with this???
  2. The video is pretty funny and it's always nice to see two of my favorite rock stars lounging around not only speaking freely but from the comfort of their BED.  Ha!  Not much wrong with that.

Check out their Twitter announcement here:

Foo Fighters on Twitter

Happy 10th Birthday @TheO2!

If they did this for Boston, I might just sh*t MY bed.

-Amy Brooks