WATCH: Bono And Eddie Vedder A Match Made In Heaven - Amy Brooks

There has been a mutual admiration between two very special lead singers since the mid 80's...Eddie Vedder and Bono.

Pearl Jam opened for U2 on several shows during their Zoo TV tour in 1991.  Their like-mindedness is obvious, socially and politically, and they are both outspoken activists for the greater good.  Oh and let's not forget how amazing BOTH men are at their craft, not to mention they both stand at about 5'6" tall but have personalities bigger than LIFE itself.  But it all went deeper when, during the two band's togetherness in the 90's for Zoo TV, Bono shared his experiences on success and music and life with Eddie early in his career with Pearl Jam.  Then when Bono was interviewed shortly thereafter, as found in the book "U2 at the End of the World" by Bill Flanagan, he says:

I think Pearl Jam is transcendent of their scene..its an aftertaste of the sixties counterculture.  In Pearl Jam's case it's a place of conviction and a place where they put the music first.

The first clip below is of Eddie jumping on stage while U2 played their first US date of The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary tour.

Bono says to the crowd...

Eddie Vedder, spirit of Seattle, spirit of Chicago, spirit of America

That's some introduction, right?

How'd you like to be introduced to the stage like that, in the town that made you famous by one of the most influential vocalists who leads one of the MOST famous bands in the world, to perform THE song that closes out The Joshua Tree album?  Here's "Mother's of the Disappeared" with Eddie Vedder (who may even show up Bono here) and Mumford and Sons too.

MULTICAM | U2 + Eddie Vedder + Mumford & Sons - Mothers Of The Disappeared | by:M.Flores

And here they are together on stage as part of the Make Poverty History concert in Melbourne, Australia, 17.11.2006:

U2, Pearl Jam /UJam/ - Rockin´ in the Free World /live/, Make Poverty History, Australia 17.11.2006

U2 /Bono, The Edge/ + Pearl Jam = UJam 🙂 Bono and Edge performed with Pearl Jam tonight, part of the Make Poverty History concert in Melbourne, Australia, 17.11.2006. A capacity audience of 20,000 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl saw Edge and Bono join Pearl Jam for Neil Young's Rocking in the Free World - Edge turning in a particularly scintillating performance.

Yeah like I said mutual admiration society...I will just have to continue to admire them both from a far.