Keytar Bear Attacked - "This Is Our F*cking City!" - Amy Brooks

Go back to New Hampshire you little rat bastards, (and lay off the bottle while you're at it); that's just one of the many sentiments this and ALL other Keytar Bear fans have today after our beloved Faneuil Hall street performer was attacked this weekend. (Twitter picture below from an onlooker). The little bastards ripped off his bear head, saw he was a man of color and started in on the racial slurs while pounding his unmasked head. Keytar Bear has said that he started wearing the mask partially to combat racism.  Ironic.

The ONLY redeeming thing about this most recent attack is that the little bastards were CAUGHT and are being slapped with an assault and battery charge (among other charges).  Yay! Some justice.

The abusers are 15, 16 and 17 years old and hail from 3 different towns in NH.  Plus, one was found with a bottle of vodka on his person.  Not sure they got the memo that we Bostonians happen to adore our Keytar Bear and that not only is there an open container law but the drinking age is 21 here in civilization.  Minor detail though.... the bigger problem is the hate that pumps through some people's blood and is realized on an innocent musician.

This happened at quarter to five in the afternoon Saturday, (broad daylight), with lots of people watching on the corner of Congress and State Streets.  The little bastards who attacked him also threatened onlookers who tried to come to Keytar Bear's aid.

Sadly, this isn't Keyar Bear's first rodeo, this is the fourth time in recent years that Keytar Bear has been attacked, these little bastards aren't original in their thought to beat up a defenseless man in a bear suit playing music and spreading joy.  No no. Unfortunately, he’s been beaten, robbed, has even had his nose and musical equipment broken before.

Anyway I'm not having it.  To quote Big Papi, "This is our FUCKING city!"  

Check out Keytar Bear's own post on FB:

We Love Keytar Bear

I don't know what themood is Boston right now but,after sitting home watching Johnny Mathis with grandma Im in the mood to play music again thank you BPD and all you well wishers.It was an...

In a gesture to bring people together and highlight the hard work of street musicians (which is how GREAT bands like Boston's own Guster started their long and amazingly successful career), on Guster Day 2 years ago they busked all around town WITH, the one and only Keytar Bear!  This was such a great feel good moment loaded with giving back and paying it forward, check out one of the YouTube videos a fan filmed below...

Guster (with Keytar Bear) - Amsterdam - Copley Square, Boston on 1/15/15

The final stop on Guster's "pop up" show tour on Guster Day! Live from Copley Square with Keytar Bear.

So now what?  Welll Keytar Bear will not quit.  He says he is recovering after a bump on the head (the little bastards also took all of his busking money) and he will be taking a bit of a break but promises to be back soon despite his disappointment in people overall.

Since PETA can't step in (haha) I thought I would and send this out to you.  Here is the Keytar Bear GoFundMe page set up to help him buy a new speaker, but I am guessing will also help him while he's not performing.

Don't give up Keytar Bear!   To quote Taylor Swift who honestly probably doesn't even know this kind of hatered, really does say it best:

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake...Shake it off, I shake it off

In other words don't give up Keytar Bear!  I know it feels like it's just not safe to play the keytar in your bear suit but I have to believe with this story having gone viral, you will have more support than ever.  And perhaps even more recognition!

And this Keytar Bear fan will be first in line when you one day book your first Boston Garden gig.

-Amy Brooks


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The day you feel semi-famous for capturing the attack of Keytar Bear on film...