Sail Boston? Ohhh The Tall Ships Are Coming! - Amy Brooks

For over a week, I have been driving by the digital signs on 93 that say "SAIL BOSTON JUNE 17-22" paying little to no attention.  But thinking way in the back of my mind, "hmmm what the hell do they mean 'Sail Boston'".  Well A lightning bolt must've stricken me today because I realized somehow what that meant.


And truly it is one of the coolest and most popular events that hits Boston.

More than 50 tall ships from 14 countries are sailing into Boston Harbor on Saturday for the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. When they arrive, it'll be the largest gathering of tall ships in a North American port in almost 20 years.  Besides that - it’s the first time since 2000 that the complete Tall Ships Regatta has graced our harbor.  Yes it's true in 2009, a smaller version of the regatta did stop here but thanks to super high security costs it was scaled back.  Hope that doesn't happen again this year, because officials are saying that this Tall Ships 5 day visit has been assigned top security as a high risk event.  Greeeaaaaat.  Well at least we will feel secure.

It won't keep me from the shores of Boston Harbor though.  This event is tooo cool.


Here are more details from the Sail Boston website:

Schedule of Events | Sail Boston

With Boston Harbor and the Boston fireboat ceremonially spraying water as a backdrop, the Opening Ceremony will kick-off Sail Boston 2017. There will be a ceremonial welcome with a speaking program to follow which will include a Blessing of the Sails and a presentation of the flags from each country.