Royal Blood (Review and Photos)

Review and photos by HSA Photo 

Royal Blood played to a sold out crowd at the Paradise, as the first show on their US tour. At first I wasn't even sure how I was going to write this review, after the show I was literally in awe of how fantastic it was. This duo is out of Brighton, England and I think it's important  to emphasize the fact that this band is a DUO. That's right, there's only two people in Royal Blood. If you've ever listened to them you'll understand why this is such a big deal. The tone and power this band has is phenomenal. And I know what you're thinking-No, they're not brothers. I first heard about this group from their single 'Little Monster' which seemed to be all over the radio back in 2014. I honestly thought the band consisted of at least 4 people. But no, Mike Kerr on bass, Ben Thatcher on drums, and that's it.
Royal Blood has a heavier rock sound with killer guitar riffs while Ben Thatcher's drum beats drive their songs forward. The tone Mike Kerr gets from his instrument is remarkable, it's intoxicating. These two know their instruments inside and out, it's great to see a real rock band finding success in 2017. They're already playing large venues back in England, it's time things start picking up in the US.

They opened with "Where Are They Now?" And "Lights Out" the first single off their new album coming out June 16thThe duo did a great job arranging their set list moving from heavier head bangers to smooth blues rock. They kept the production simple with a few strobes and colored lights which was perfect for their sound. I didn't need anything else, it would of just been distracting. Like I said before, these two are about the music, and so are their fans. They ended the night with an extended version of "Out of the Black." One of my favorite parts of the show was that they played their set all the way through. They didn't do the whole leave the stage, wait for everyone to cheer, then return for a few more songs.

Royal Blood is proving that rock and roll isn't dead and bands actually still play real instruments. I'm really looking forward to what's in store for this band in the future.

*I'd also like to give a special shoutout to Billy, thank you again