NEW: Radiohead's Previously Unreleased Track To Appear On OK Computer Reissue

This is cool - Radiohead just shared this interesting, previously unreleased track, which the band recorded back in the mid 90's during sessions for they're massive album OK Computer. The song (and video - below) is called "I Promise" and will be on their upcoming OK Computer's 20th Anniversary Reissue "OKNOTOK" due June 23rd.

When you hear it you'll say "oh yeaaah, sure, definitely an OK Computer track".  And that's because as Thom Yorke has said in the past (and it's clear to see/hear) that Ok Computer's theme was that of loneliness, paranoia and isolation, courtesy of modern technology etc.

Consider yourself warned.  This ain't no Pharell Williams' "Happy".

As Rolling Stone explains it:

In "I Promise," commuters are shown numbly staring out bus windows at night. Eventually, it's revealed that one of the commuters is nothing more than an animatronic head propped up against the window, where it views and processes what it's witnessing.

Now, isn't that telling.  Leave it to Radiohead I guess for reminding us of what we have become.

Happy Friday! 😉

-Amy Brooks

Radiohead - I Promise

I Promise is one of 3 previously unreleased tracks from the album OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 - 2017 - available to buy now at

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