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WATCH: Foo Fighters’ Performance Breaks Curfew, Crowd Finishes Song

We understand that festivals often have strict curfews, but this business that happened to the Foo Fighters at the BottleRock Festival over the weekend seems a bit bogus.  However, in the end, it did yield a pretty awesome moment.

After the band broke the festival’s 10 PM curfew, the sound was cut about 2/3 of the way through “Everlong.”  (About at the 5:30 mark in the video below.)  The Foos continued to play, unplugged if you will, while the crowd finished the song’s final chorus.

Before the band launched into “Everlong,” Dave Grohl was engaging in his trademark banter and mentioned that “we’ll be doing this a lot more in the next coming months.”  The Foo Fighters have a number of festival gigs on tap this summer, but hopefully that statement means more headlining solo shows in the future, too.

Let’s hope those plans don’t get the plug pulled on them either.

Everlong- Foo Fighters at Bottlerock 2017

Everlong- Foo Fighters at Bottlerock 2017


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