'Animaniacs' Is Returning, And It's Zany To The Max!

Stephen Speilberg has decided to bring back one of our favorite cartoons, and HELLLOOOO NURSE, it needs a network!

According to IndieWire, considering that nostalgia is such a big market, it would make sense to bring back the show which ran for 99 episodes. Animaniacs sticks around the premise of the three (Monkies? Dogs? We're not sure) child stars that were locked in the Warner Bros. water tower, until they escaped and reeked havoc.

Yakko, Wakoo, and Dot would be slated to return, and if it sticks to the same format as before, Pinky and the Brain, as well as the other side characters, would also be returning.

You also have to hope that all of the funny and borderline inappropriate jokes will still be nestled into the show.

Until that day comes (which there is no release date yet), you can watch the classic ones on Netflix.

Animaniacs Theme - HIGH DEFINITION

After noticing every GOOD quality Animaniacs theme on youtube has audio changes because of WMG, I'm uploading one myself being that I know how to avoid WMG. Enjoy Animaniacs the way they were MEANT to be watched!


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