Davie504 Plays RHCP WITH a Red Hot Chili Pepper

From the WTF file of absurdity, I give you this interesting bass player killin' it Chili Peppers style.

In this video, this young bass player plays several very familiar Red Hot Chili Peppers' riffs from the band's best known songs, WITH a red hot chili pepper.  Ha!  Funny idea and OMG hard to believe he had any success! Must've been a very fresh pepper, or I'd imagine he'd have had chili pepper flesh and juice running down his hands.

But who IS this bass player?  His handle on YouTube is Davie504 and his videos have totaled over 100 MILLION views. Here is how he introduces himself on his channel:

Hi all, I'm an Italian guy who wants to share his passion for the music, by uploading bass grooves, jams, arrangements, etc.. I hope you'll enjoy my vids and subscribe if you want to be always updated about my channel! 🙂

Aside from his obvious skill and the great riffs which he slays here... possibly my favorite parts of this YouTube clip are the comments, which is often the case.   You can see them below but here are a few of my favorites.

"That's great but can you play The Eagles with a real eagle?"


"Yeah but can you play Meatloaf with a meatloaf?" 


"Very impressive...but can you play the Doors with a door?" 

Funny people.  But something tells me he probably can.  (Gotta believe Flea would be proud).


Red Hot Chili Peppers played with red hot chili peppers

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