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This New Feature Will Make You Love Snapchat Even More

Snapchat is the perfect way to share your daily adventures and check out what your favorite celebrities are up to.

Now the app has added a new feature that will make you even more addicted. It's a different type of Story, and it allows you to collaborate with friends and family. It's perfect for vacations, concerts, bachelorette parties, and other occasions when you want to get pictures and videos from different phones into one spot.

You can pick and choose exactly who you want to be able to contribute, too. It can be based on your phone contacts or your location. If you're really going overboard with Snapchat, you'll be able to add to up to three of these custom Stories to your Snapchat account at once. To get started, all you have to do is hit the "Stories" tab, then select "Create Story" and give your custom Story a name. Start inviting people to add their pictures or videos and you're all set!


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