Matty Healy Of The 1975 Speaks Out On The Bombing Of His Hometown

The 1975 played in Detroit Monday night (May 22) and lead singer and frontman Matty Healy got pretty emotional about the lives lost at the Ariana Grande show in Manchester, England and the subsequent bombing and terrible loss of life.  The band's hometown is Manchester, so his reaction is absolutely understood.  After all I remember feeling the same way after Boston was bombed (my hometown which I know is also hometown to many of you reading this) on that fateful Marathon Monday.

About half way through the set his emotional speech reverberated through the Fillmore:

“I’m f*cking pissed off. I’m bored of nationalism, and I’m bored of racism...nationalism, religion, all these regressive things, they’re over. We can’t carry on in the way that we’re carrying on.”

He went on to say poignantly how he was unsure what the cause of the attack was at the moment the speech was given, but explains further that shows are where fans are supposed to be safe. 

(of course we now know that Manchester police arrested a 23-year-old male following the attack at the Manchester Arena. They believe 22-year-old Salman Abedi carried out the attack, although "he has not yet been formally identified." They are focusing on establishing whether or not it was an independent act or if it was part of a network)  Read more from Alt Press - HERE

“We’re from Manchester and where we used to hang out, the actual place that we used to hang out, someone put a bomb in there tonight and then killed a bunch of kids who were going to a f*cking show tonight in Manchester.

"I don’t need to be educated on f*cking anything to say that that is bullsh*t. I don’t know what it’s in the name of, so I apologize if it’s not in the name of religion, if it’s not in the name of nationalism, but these are the things that keep happening, and I’m f*cking pissed off about it. And I’m sorry.”

Check out Kaylee's Tweeted video of Matty's speech below.

The anger and deep caring of a man mourning for HIS TOWN reminds me of Big Papi's impromptu speech after the Boston Marathon bombing.  (which you can revisit below).

Our hearts and all our love are with you Manchester.


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