Why Today Means Something In The Career Of Dave Grohl

Many moments have taken place in the career of former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. However, today has a unique meaning for Dave even though he isn't directly involved in this piece of history. 

It was on this day in 1990, Nirvana played the last date of a North American tour at the Zoo in Boise, Idaho. This was Chad Channing's final gig with the band, drummer Dave Grohl replaced him in September of that year after his band Scream had split-up. So It's safe to say this day has some significance for Mr. Grohl.

Here is a throw back to the days of Chad on drums...

Nirvana - Live at Kapu, 1989, Full (MATRIX)

11/20/89, Linz, Austria - 1:53 School - 4:34 Scoff - 9:26 Love Buzz - 13:00 Floyd The Barber - 15:26 Dive - 19:30 Polly - 22:07 Big Cheese - 25:51 About A Girl - 28:47 Spank Thru - 33:47 Molly's Lips - 37:48 Breed - 44:13 Been A Son - 46:22 Negative Creep - 49:13 Blew - 53:35 Sappy - 57:30 Even In His Youth - 1:01:23 Stain Notes: - Video consists of AMT#1 and 2 - AMT#2's audio was used whenever possible