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Instagram Stories Has Finally Become Snapchat With This New Feature

I think that now this change has been made, people may stop using Snapchat all together. 

The one thing that people were obsessing over in Snapchat that kept people coming back was the Facial Filters - but now Instagram has finally cracked that code.

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Instagram Stories has officially become Snapchat.

Instagram shares in their blog post that they want to "turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining." As their video shows, crowns, animal ears, nerd classes (seen above) and more have been added, as well as adding a rewind button next to the Boomerang function.

Introducing Face Filters on Instagram

Introducing face filters in the Instagram camera, an easy way to turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining. Whether you're sitting on the couch at home or out and about, face filters help you express yourself and have playful conversations with friends.


Stories will now also be able to be Hashtagged, similar to how you tag Mentions in your Story, and you can click on it and go to those specific tags. Finally, the have added an Eraser brush, so you can fill the entire screen (select drawing tool and tap and hold to fill entire screen) and then remove the parts with an eraser to do a reveal look.  For more information, check out their blog post here.