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Just Because The Internet Claims MP3's Are Dead, Doesn't Mean They Wont Still Work

The internet is abuzz about the fact that all of the sudden, the MP3 has been pronounced dead. Well, I'm here to tell you the corpse isn't cold just yet.

According to Gizmodo, the developer of the format has announced that the licensing program for MP3's has officially been terminated. What that means is, the people who had the right to distribute and sell decoders or encoders has closed their license.

Considering the internet has developed so many things past this particular license, and the fact that many companies have gravitated toward using AAC formats or MPEG formats that deliver higher quality audio, Gizmodo shares that MP3 just isn't the standard anymore.  Another thing that the article notes is that when you compress to MP3, you lose some of the audio, and uses Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" as an example.

But all of this halts to the information (that I'm sort of mansplaning to you [even though I'm a woman], so does that mean I'm techsplaining?) - MP3's will still work. MP3's are not dead. It's just the company who licensed it deems it dead.

And while AAC files are the standard, and take up much more space, we don't see people whining about MP3's nearly as much, and there certainly won't be a Year 3000 Hipster Resurgence of disgruntled teens heading to the store to buy disheveled, beat up iPods because "MP3 just sounnnnds better."

... Though I really do miss my iPod Classic...


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