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5 Unconventional Pets You Need To Adopt ASAP

Whether they are exotic or just plain weird, talk about keeping your life exciting with these little guys (or big guys)!

A Hedgehog

I can't go on all the adventures with hogmom, but this sweet hedgie wrap ring can! Thanks for the jewels @maryloubangkok

According to

BuzzFeed, California and New York are the only states that you can't legally have a hedgehog as a pet, but everywhere else is fair game. They are nocturnal for the most part so they'll be up at night time. They do make very adorable noises too. (Look it up on YouTube)


A Skunk

This one seems pretty awesome, actually! Obviously, as long as you "deskunk" the skunk first. According to

SkunksAsPets.com, Baby Skunks arrive at pet shops and have their scent glands removed, but otherwise, are cared for like dogs. Spay/Neuter, shots, and worming.


A Pig

I got lifeguard Lily looking out for me just incase I start drowning in this knee deep water

If you thought walking your cat on a leash was crazy, imagine seeing someone do it with a pig! According to

The Dodo's research with PIGS Animal Sancutary, there's no such thing as a teacup pig. Their rep, Melissa Susko says that "So-called teacups are actually potbellied pigs who are either underfed to stunt their growth or who are sold under false pretenses." Some pigs end up at the Best Friends Animal Society or Pig Placement Network after being surrendered or abandoned, but if you're into getting a Pig Pet, you can always apply for one from the Pig Placement Network.


A Fox

He loves pillows.

1,263 Likes, 6 Comments - Vasilyeva Dmitrievna (@vasilyevadmitrievna) on Instagram: "He loves pillows."

According to The Spruce, the only type of domesticated fox is the Siberian Fox. They are sometimes red and sometimes gray, and can weigh up to around 22 pounds. Domesticated foxes also can eat Grain Free dog food brands, but are considered omnivores. The issue isn't so much the care of the fox, but the initial price of the fox, because getting a domesticated fox pup can cost up to $7,000.


A Serval Cat

Today's light exercise

Don't mistake this as a "cat" breed. A Serval cat looks like a leopard, and can also be an exotic pet. According to Petful, Egyptians worshiped the Serval for it's "grace and power." Considering the "power" part,

Petful notes that the Serval cat is still a wild animal, and they need to be able to explore, swim, run, hunt, and climb. They have special diets and aren't always legal in certain states. They also live a lot longer than regular domestic cats so you must keep that in mind before adopting one. Read more information here.


Which pet would you adopt? Or are you more of a Dogs and Cats type?


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