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Paramore's New Album Is So 80's, We're Seeing Neon While Listening

Somewhere in the divide of being kitschy and catchy does Paramore's new album After Laughter fall, and it's sort of questionable, to be honest. 

The new album does stay somewhat faithful to Paramore in terms of the lyricism with songs "Rose-Colored Boy" saying things like "Just let me cry a little bit longer, I ain't gon' smile if I don't want to."

But rather than feeling like the punk-emo band that we used to know and love, with the orange hair and harder guitar riffs, it sounds like an album that they'd have shelved in an Urban Outfitters on vinyl. Which is fine, if you're into that sort of thing.

But if you're a yesteryear Paramore fan, some of the songs like "Hard Times" and "Fake Happy" are just too synthy for their own good, and the lyrics could very well be used as a textbook explanation of a millennial having a quarter-life crisis.

This train of thought goes along with frontwoman Hayley Williams' change of hair color, which has changed just about as much as her music style. “The hair thing is so emotional for me,” she told Entertainment Weekly. "About a year ago, I called my colorist and was like, ‘I’m going through so much emotionally. I need a reset. I need you to bleach my hair.’”

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She also told NYLON in regards to the album, "There was this poison I had to get out. There are a lot of depressed thoughts and dark, weird things. And some of it is humorous, because I had to laugh it off somehow.”

And laugh they did. Though songs like "26" stayed acoustic, it dives right back in with the darker lyrics mixed with this 80's pop cover-up. Regardless, some fans are a little confused, considering this is the release that comes near the 10-year anniversary mark of Riot!, which was released in June 2007. While others are defending the change, calling it the "album of the year."

Some of the funnier Twitter reactions include:

patrick loves yosh on Twitter

after laughter lyrics vs. after laughter sound #paramore

The Paramore Street on Twitter

after laughter sound / after laughter lyrics

hayleys_hair on Twitter

i haven't listened to After Laughter yet but i can already describe it in two words: upbeat depression


I guess you can't knock it if you think of Paramore as an evolving artist, but as one fan said on Twitter, "If you liked Riot! so much, go listen to it, it's not going anywhere."

Listen to "Hard Times" and snag the album whether it be in the respective stores, or streamable content now.

Paramore: Hard Times [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Paramore's music video for 'Hard Times' from the album, After Laughter - available now on Fueled By Ramen.


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