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That’s “Dr. Holland” To You…

The graduation season is almost upon us, and for one frontman, this one is extra special.

The Offspring’s Dexter Holland took to the band’s Facebook page for a special post to announce that tomorrow (May 11), he will be receiving a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern California.

Before you get any ideas, no, this isn’t one of those “honorary” degrees universities often award; this is the real deal.  Holland even posted a link to his thesis titled “Discovery of Mature MicroRNA Sequences within the Protein-Coding Regions of Global HIV-1 Genomes: Predictions of Novel Mechanisms for Viral Infection and Pathogenicity” for proof!  (If you thought the title was long, the thesis itself is 175 pages!)

As for why he chose this topic for his thesis, Holland wrote, “My research is not meant to be a cure or even an immediate step toward a cure, but I believe that by adding to the vast amount of information that we’ve learned about HIV in the last 30 years or so, we’ll get there. Toward that end, I’m going to continue to do research, and you’ll probably see some of my research papers get published here and there over the next few years.”

Best news about this incredible accomplishment?  Holland will now have more time for Offspring business, which means more tour dates and new music!

Dr. Holland and the rest of The Offspring have a number of festival and headlining tour dates this summer, including a stop at Rock on the Range.  For a full list of tour dates, head over to


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