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5 'Twilight Zone' Episodes That Every One Should Watch

In 1959, the world first viewed what would be known as one of the best American science-fiction television series. The Twilight Zone opened viewers’ minds up to unusual situations. At the end of every episode, the story would typically end in a moral or surprising ending that would make you question reality. Since today is "Twilight Zone Day," here are five of the best episodes of The Twilight Zone that everyone should watch.


1. Eye of the Beholder

Originally aired on November 11, 1960, the episode opens up with a woman who has her face bandaged. We soon learn that she has undergone a major surgery in order to make her look less hideous. The risks get high as the doctors tell the deformed woman that, if the surgeries do not work, she would have to be sent away to a land of outcasts. We will not tell you what happens in the end, but once the bandages come off things become even more shocking!

the twilight zone - eye of the beholder (very short cut)

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2. The Invaders

An older woman lives alone in the middle of nowhere. As she is spending another night alone, she finds herself fighting strange, yet small aliens. Throughout the entire episode, there is hardly any lines of dialogue. However, do not get discouraged by this, there are enough thrilling moments that will make it hard to look away from the television.

Twilight Zone: The Invaders in 2 minutes or less

Season 2, Episode 15. Premiered January 27, 1961. Truly one of my favorite performances by any actor in a TZ episode. Agnes Moorehead literally does not utter a single word throughout her performance! But she gets her point across through her expressions of terror (and loads of shrieks).



3. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

This arguably may be one of the more famous episodes to stem from The Twilight Zone. A newlywed couple are flying together after the husband, played by William Shatner, is discharged from the hospital because he recovered from a nervous breakdown. As he is traveling, he notices a strange creature on the wing, messing with the plane’s engines. Needless to say, his wife has a hard time believing him after his diagnosis.

Twilight Zone Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

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4. Time Enough at Last

Have you ever wished to have more time to do the things you love? This episode follows a bookworm who wishes he could escape his wife so that he could read all day. After a nuclear bomb strikes his area, his entire city is demolished and he is the sole survivor. He finally receives enough time to spend on all of his beloved books…or does he?

Time Enough at Last

The end of Time Enough at Last episode from The Twilight Zone series (1959-1964)


5. To Serve Man

When a 9-foot-tall alien race called The Kanamits land on Earth, humans are inclined to befriend the new species. They are asked to be a part of the United Nations in order to build up the human-alien relations. Humans soon begin taking trips to their home planet, but nothing seems as they promised!

The Twilight Zone To Serve Man

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