Can You Handle the Cuteness of These Gerbil Videos?

We’re in the thick of “Pet Month,” and traditionally, most people would think of dogs or cats when they think of the word “pet,” but let’s not forget our smallest furry friends.

Gerbils have been delightful pets for many, especially in the role of a “class pet” when it comes to elementary school children. They’re just so darn cute! How could you not just love ‘em?!

In honor of these tiny creatures, we gathered some of our favorite online videos starring those adorable gerbils. Enjoy!


Gerbils Running on Their Wheel

One gerbil running on a wheel is cute, but two?

Two Gerbils, One Wheel

Colby and Petey love their wheel so much that they are both willing to run at the same time haha. I only had Petey for 5 days. He turned out to be an aggressive male that bites. He was returned to the store to be sold as a single male.


Gerbils Eating an apple

Teeny, tiny little bites!

Cute Gerbils Eating Apple

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Gerbil Dancing

Even when you’re a gerbil, sometimes you just have to pop-and-lock.

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Sleeping, playing, eating and all activities in between!

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