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Mike Einziger on How Incubus Has Straddled Genres Over The Years

Incubus celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first studio album ("S.C.I.E.N.C.E.") this year as well as two decades of being a band for all seasons.

Blending hard rock, prog, world music, jazz and more, the group has been a welcome if sometimes odd inclusion on OZZfest, Lollapalooza and the Warped Tour.

Guitarist Mike Einziger is proud that Incubus straddles a lot of stylistic lines, even if it's made the band a bit hard to classify:

Mike Einziger on How Incubus Has Straddled Genres Over The Years

"It's kind of our greatest asset and our biggest flaw, all at once. We have short attention spans and we get bored easily and we don't really fit in anywhere. We never have. We were never punk rock enough for the Warped Tour. We were never metal enough for the OZZFest. We were never quite indie rock or cool enough for Lollapalooza...We've carved our own path...But I think that over the years the way that the evolution of music has gone I think that's actually titled in our favor in our favor in certain ways because a lot of lines of genres have been blurred, especially in recent years with the way that DJ culture has evolved, the way that electronic music has expanded and the way that hip-hop music and rock music and electronic music have all fused together in ways that I think sort of shine favorably on the history of Incubus."


Incubus will be releasing its new album, "8," on April 21 and touring throughout the year to support it.


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