Forget Someone? Tom Brady Not Mentioned During White House Ceremony

So did it seem to you that TB12 got dissed by the king of all dissers?  (if that's even a thing).

When The Donald was shouting out a bunch of notable players from our home town football team today on the White House Lawn, well he failed to mention the quarterback!  Who was also the MVP and whom we all seemed to think was a "great friend" to the president...Tom Brady.  So what gives?

Was Mr. Trump not happy with Tom because he didn't show up to his invitation only little Superbowl LI Champion White House tribute?  Because that's what it seemed like to me, when Tom's name wasn't mentioned ONCE!

Tom couldn't attend today's ceremony because of "personal family matters" (I'm thinking his mom again, let's face it she was pretty sick back in February, and it breaks my heart, prayers for her), but the no mention seemed glaring and shocking especially considering the two are supposedly friends??

Donald Trump has sung Brady's praises publicly on numerous occasions, saying he is the greatest QB who ever lived -- so for him to say literally nothing at all about him kind of sends a message, doesn't it?   NO ONE will blow off The Donald!  "I'm not going to be ignored, Dan" (see below) lol

I'm Not Going to be IGNORED

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I guess the part that is glaring are not only the media reports of the handful of players purposefully boycotting the visit for reasons of acceptance and not feeling like they belong there but how Trump DID single out a bunch of Patriots players by name including Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Matt Slater, Malcolm Mitchell and Trey Flowers for example.  Which made the absence of the name of our quarter back and MVP, tom Brady, all that more apparent.

I LOVE it!  Nice to know it's not just women who create this kind of drama!


Donald Trump Doesn't Mention Tom Brady's Name at Patriots' White House Visit

Seems Donald Trump isn't happy with Tom Brady -- because he didn't mention the QB's name ONCE at the White House ceremony honoring the New England Patriots.