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WATCH: Green Day Documentary Trailer - "The Early Years"

Haven't seen the full length yet, but here is the trailer for the first installment of Green Day's new Documentary - "The Early Years", as part of Spotify's Landmark series. Two more installments have been released and the 4th will be available this Thurs April 13th.

It's a good story...about the rise of this beloved 3 chord band from the gritty punk scene of Oakland, CA. 

The Early Years starts at the very beginning, where the band began on Gilman Street in Berkeley in the late '80s and follows the band through the release of its platinum album Dookie in 1994.

You also get some references from the band today plus other artists chime in about the group as an influence -- from Ed Sheeran to other rock bands.

Oh and mind you these installments are tailor made for today's audience and only 10 minutes each.

Almost as quick as a Green Day song...



Green Day: The Early Years (Trailer)

"Green Day: The Early Years" chronicles the rise of the world's most influential punk band, from their origins playing shows at Berkley's notorious Gilman Street venue in the late 80s, through the release of the platinum-selling Dookie in 1994. Watch here: