Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Welcomes Twin Girls And Plays Live For ACLU

April 3rd, live in LA, and Imagine Dragons sound better than ever.  (see for yourself - video below)

Despite Dan Reynold's struggles with the autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis where, at age 21, he began to experience what he describes as “debilitating” pain.  According to People Magazine's Nov 15th, 2016 interview:

“It was beyond the pain that you feel when it’s just a back ache. It felt like someone was drilling my nerves. It was right when the band was starting to have minor success — I couldn’t get on stage. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t perform without standing perfectly still. I couldn’t sit down for more than a half an hour.”

Dan is on a treatment plan currently and he really is now on the top of his game and on top of the world (that an Imagine Dragons' song reference).

  1. New song "Believer" is amazing and is a sign of what's to come for the band (a promised forthcoming album)
  2. New album means a new tour (I'll keep you posted on that)
  3. Time off served them well, they truly sound more relaxed and even more great than they ever have (see video below)
  4. Dan just welcomed twin daughters into this world last WEEK! (below)

Congratulations to Dan and all of Imagine Dragons on their lives great work and good fortune.


Oh and fast forward to 16:20 to see their duet with Halsey!


Imagine Dragons - WELCOME! 2017

A Fundraising Concert Benefiting The ACLU "Your video can't be played on some devices. This can include mobile phones, video game consoles, or set-top boxes. " Please use a computer to watch my vídeos. SETLIST: 1 - Radioactive 2 - It's Time 3 - Demons (with Halsey) 4 - Believer All rights go to IMAGINE DRAGONS and UMG.