WATCH: Two Cats Ring Bells For Treats - Amy Brooks

I am a bit of a crazy cat lady and it's comforting to  know I'm not alone...but whether or not you have cats, or like them or love them, I have to believe this will make your day as it did mine.  In fact, I could watch this all day and all night and all day again tomorrow.  I love that black and white cat almost always rings the bell twice.

A Japanese Twitter user posted this video of two well-trained cats (who are brothers) as they sit side by side and repeatedly use their paws to ring the bells, once the bell is rung, they receive a treat on their plate.  Pavlov's theory did NOT obviously simply work on dogs.

It's so damn cute how eventually, the cat on the left starts ringing his brother's bell, which could be because he's observing how his brother does it and imitates him.   Or maybe because he thinks you get better treats for ringing the other guy's bell.

I don't know, but this has been the best 1 minute and 23 seconds of my day.


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