"Don't Be Jealous Ladies" - Gronk Spoons with TB12

It's an unusual turn of events to see Tom Brady make a tackle.  Even more unusual that it would be his own teammate on Fenway's hallowed ground.  But oh what happiness this is.  Two big huge guys acting like absolute children.  When Gronk impulsively (seemingly) grabbed TB12's sought after Superbowl game jersey and ran off with it, I was like this too cute for words.

Two big galoops not afraid to show their inner goof-ball in front of thousands and now millions (as this clip has been played and played, over and over)?  It's the joy of winning, the joy of sports and the joy of spring.  I mean even these two are feeling the magic of spring as you can see in this little stunt.

And only to make it even better is what Gronk posted to his own FB page to make it even funnier and goofier and show off just how comfortable they both are with their silliness.  Even serious pro-athletes can be silly and are secure enough with their masculinity to do this... and then post about it.




-Amy Brooks


Don't be jealous ladies! #SpooningWithBrady

Don't be jealous ladies! #SpooningWithBrady