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Gordon Ramsay Has The Final Say On "Pineapple On Pizza" Debate (NSFW)

Yale's The Politic says that "pineapple on pizza" was searched the most since Google started collecting data in 2004. Goodness!

In comes Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef, and an all around potty-mouth (that we LOVE), who was hosting the U.K.'s The Nightly Show. 

It looks as if Ramsay is ordering pizza for himself or the audience, and as the pizza rep says pepperoni, someone in the audience yells out pineapple, and Gordon quickly shut them down, passionately expressing that he believes "pineapple does not belong on pizza," in his NSFW Gordon Ramsay way.

Watch it here:

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gordon ramsay said pineapple doesn't belong on pizza so case closed thanks very much end of discussion


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