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Dan Auerbach Dropping New Solo LP June 2

After spending the past couple of years focusing on his band The Arcs, the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach has announced a June 2 release for his next solo album, Waiting On A Song.

The 10-song set will feature guest appearances by Mark Knopfler, Duane Eddy, Jerry Douglass, Pat McLaughlin and others and also marks the debut of Auerbach's new label, Easy Eye Sound, named after his studio in Nashville and distributed by his longtime label Nonesuch Records.

In a statement Auerbach says that, "Living in Nashville has definitely changed the way I think about music and the way I record. I didn't have all of these resources before. I am working with some of the greatest musicians that ever lived."

He tells us, too, that despite Waiting On A Song's title it's still important to make entire albums rather than focus on individual songs, even in the digital download age:

"Songs are cool but albums are way cooler. It's just like making a movie, making a big statement where you can kind of carry people away, carry yourself away for 45 minutes. It's perfect...I think it's when you really make a connection, a lifelong connection. Pop songs are great; They get stuck in your head, it's fun to sing them. But I want to make those things you want to listen to, hopefully. That's the goal, just make an interesting album has always been more of a goal than making a pop song."


Auerbach has not announced any tour plans to support Waiting On a Song yet, nor has he revealed any future plans for the Black Keys or the Arcs.

The "Waiting On A Song" track list includes:
1. Waiting On A Song
2. Malibu Man
3. Livin' In Sin
4. Shine On Me
5. King Of A One Horse Town
6. Never In My Wildest Dreams
7. Cherrybomb
8. Stand By My Girl
9. Undertow
10. Show Me


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