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There Are Now Dog Cafes Popping Up In The USA

Sipping coffee, chewing a few sandwiches and petting a dog?

What more could one want in life! Located in Silver Lake, California the Dog Cafe will allow customers to hang out with a bunch of pooches for just $15. For up to 55 minutes, you can enjoy some barking fun without the responsibility.


This is the first dog cafe to come to America. Japan was the first country to open up a coffee shop of this theme. Currently, if you visit Japan, you can expect to see “cafe cafes and rabbit cafes” along the city streets.


Fall in love with a dog while you are there? Well, not to worry all of the dogs that reside at the cafe are currently up for adoption. Visitors can apply to adopt their favorite pooch while sipping on a latte.


An employee at the Dog Cafe, Taysa Porto, told Pepperdine Graphic that these dogs have made themselves at home. She states that “It’s unique tat every dog here can be here. This is like their home and their house, they known their house and it’s not a shelter.”

To know Oreo is to love Oreo - but you might not know his story. Brought to the shelter as a stray, this fully-blind 15-year-old pup was on the list to be euthanized. We pulled him out with the intention of providing him hospice care in private, as we weren't sure how he would react to the social setting of the cafe and just wanted to let him live out his final years comfortably. Then something happened that we didn't expect: Oreo began to thrive here, and soon became The Dog Cafe's biggest celebrity! He's the star of everyone's selfies and one of our most asked-about pups, thanks to his loving demeanor and confidence in who he is (rocking that diaper like a champ). Thank you all for being the proof that special needs & senior dogs are not only worth saving, they are wanted and needed companions - and we should never, ever give up on them.


Only open for less than a year, each day the new hot spot can expect fifty to sixty people to walk through their doors. With a bright interior, guest will feel like their kids again while rolling around their their new puppy pals.


One dog, Rocket who is a five-year-old Corgi mix, currently resides at the location. Rescued from South Korea, the dog does not have any hind legs. However, that does not stop him from scooting around in a wheelchair contraption!

Meet Rocket! From a bad situation in South Korea that left him without hind legs, into the hearts of Los Angelenos everywhere! This five-year-old #Corgi mix is one of the cutest things we've ever seen on wheels and is enjoying his new life in the U.S. He's looking for a compassionate human who understands his special needs, whether a foster or adopter situation. Come hang out with him! #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #specialneedsdog #dogonwheels

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Pepperdine Graphic also mentioned a poodle mix named Oreo. At 15 year old, this is the oldest dog at the residence. Sadly, Oreo is completely blind, but loves to snuggle the guest who come to her her.


Even though this may seem like a dream location to work, it is sometimes hard for the workers to say goodbye to the dogs. Over time, they grow close to seeing their four legged friends every day at work. However, like any other volunteer organization, their main goal is to get these pups a home.

Our Mimi got to be the star of a photo shoot today! Thanks and cheers to @kombuchadog for having us again. #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #seniordogsrule

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Porto stated that “Helping these dogs is amazing, and I always tell people that I love my job. They are all from rescues and they are going to be put down if they’re not adopted. They also have a lot of behavior issues and to see them get better is amazing.”


The cafe is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesdays through Sunday. So if you make a trip to California, be sure to make a reservation, because the spots fill up fast!


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