READ: Review Of Sting @ House Of Blues Boston

The Police aren't walking through that door, folks.  Been there, done that.  So puh-leeze stop comparing Sting to how awesome and dangerous the Police were when they rocked clubs between fist fights.  He's not in his 20's anymore.  Actually, he's in his 60's and looks WAY better than all of us.

Sting played a very sold-out House of Blues Boston last night.  In the spirit of short attention spans everywhere, here's 10 nuggets from the show.

  1. 8pm: Sting came out alone and mentioned Boston venues he's played in: The Rat (and told someone in the audience they weren’t old enough to remember it) The Paradise, The Orpheum, The Garden, and this, his first time at House Of Blues Boston.
  2.  Musical nepotism abounds!  Sting's son, Joe Sumner, opened the show.  Supporting act, The Last Bandoleros, featured drummer and bass player siblings.  And 30-year veteran Sting guitarist Dominic Miller shared duties with HIS son, Rufus (as Sting said "Just as insurance after 30 years, you never know.")
    Sting and his son Joe Sumner


  3. Both Sumner (Joe, not Gordon) and the Bandoleros (the Last Bandoleros, playing in Boston for the first time) came in and out of the band throughout the night, creating a dynamic musical experience.
  4. To the woman who was completely freaking out and yelling with sheer glee over "Desert Rose," my wife has a message for you: "Um, it's just Desert Rose."
  5. Joe Sumner did an excellent version of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes."
  6.  Much like Sting's 65 year-old chiseled body, his 65 year-old voice is…um, whatever the voice equivalent of "chiseled" is.  All the high notes still get hit (ie: Walking On The Moon.")
  7. Funny moment: Sting said it took balls to sing "Englishman in New York" in Boston.  He's right.  And note to lady in item #4:  This song was waaaaay more deserving of your uncontrollable enthusiasm.  I mean, "Um, It's just Desert Rose.
    Mr. Sting


  8. "Awww, cute" story: Sting talking about writing "Message in A Bottle" alone in his London flat in the 70's, with his cat looking on. His cat didn't love it, so he never thought he'd be playing it 40 years later with everyone singing along.  (Even "Desert Rose" lady.)
  9. Speaking of ladies: What kind of concert-goers (and there were more than a few who did this) bring pocketbooks the size of US military-issued duffel bags to a club show?  I'll tell you what kind…novice concert-goers with zero concept of respect for personal space.  And/or the type that go out once a year.  On this night.  (And probably go nuts during "Desert Rose.")
  10. To wrap it up on a musical note, the set list was well balanced with early and late-era Police hits, Sting classics, and some catchy songs from his new album, 57th and 9thth.
    Sting & The Last Bandoleros


  11. Bonus: Awesome story about how Sting loved country music, but never thought he could write a good country song.  Until he was vindicated when he found out Johnny Cash recorded his "I Hung My Head."


Ken West is Program Director of 105.7 WROR and ALT 92.9.  He doesn't really like "Desert Rose" in case you missed that.