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We Need To Talk About The Epic Fail On 'The Walking Dead'

Okay, so by now, many people have left The Walking Dead to the waste-side, mostly because so many of their favorite characters are gone.

For those who still watch, we need to talk about something. A huge fail. An epic fail. And, you mean to tell me, with all the money throughout the years that the show has amassed between insane amounts of viewers, merchandise, and cons, they couldn't find a better graphics person? I know they didn't spend all their dough on Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Yes, we're talking about the deer that makes you think "Deer, oh deary deer."

Zombies look real. Rick Grimes AKA Andrew Lincoln looks real. But not only is the scope off when it comes to the size of the deer in this sequence, it also just looks out of focus and/or bad resolution. I mean, Sharknado has better effects than this. And that's saying something!

Wasted Zombie on Twitter

Sharknado porque Pachequisimo... HAHAHAHAHAHHAA está bien padre.


Anyway, if you missed the horrific set up that was Rick Grimes' only savior against the carnival zombies, here you go:

The Walking Dead - CGI Deer

Subscribe for The Walking Dead clips every week. Amazing CGI Deer featured in Season 7, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead. S07E12


Fans (and foes) did not miss this opportunity to tear down the CGI:


Nour Morgan on Twitter

people used to brag about the high budget of the walking dead in earlier seasons, now the can't spare 40$ to rent a living deer :)))


Mark Pyper on Twitter

Cutting edge digital deer on The Walking Dead tonight, eerily realistic, you could barely tell #WalkingDead


Sir Kumference on Twitter

More realistic than that CGI deer on The Walking Dead tonight.


Can't win 'em all, I guess. Oh deer indeed.


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