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NIN Fans Take To Social Media About Receiving Random Package From Band HQ

Remember how Nine Inch Nails said there was a special “physical component” to go with their Not The Actual Events EP?  Well, fans finally received it, and let’s just file this one under, “Ummmmm…Okay.”

To begin with, the package was housed in a black envelope with the following warning:

MARC on Twitter

Just received a weird envelope from #NineInchNails .......

So, what was in the envelope?  Some exclusive photos and other graphics…that were covered in a black powder substance. Basically, Trent Reznor sent his fans a less annoying glitter bomb.

FoxInShadow on Twitter

When Trent Reznor himself trolls you... ❤️ #nin #NineInchNails #nottheactualevents #physicalcomponent


Seb Courvoisier on Twitter

Intriguing mail today... It's gonna leave a mark. Thanks @trent_reznor 🙂 #NineInchNails #NotTheActualEvents


Jordan Currier on Twitter

Thank you @nineinchnails for being endlessly innovative. The most truly tangible product you've ever created, @trent_reznor #NineInchNails

What does it all mean?  We’re not quite sure, but we really hope the black powder doesn’t become a part of NIN’s lone summer gig at the Panorama Festival in New York City, because that will be a pain to clean up after a show.


Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter. The first man she ever loved was Jack Daniel.  (True story.)