TechBuzz: Your Indestructible Nokia Cellphone is Making A Comeback

Remember your first cellphone?

It was almost definitely one of those indestructible brick things made by Nokia.

While there are many great perks to having an iPhone, in some ways the Nokia era was the glory days. Your battery stayed charged for basically eternity. You could play Snake, but you didn’t have to worry about feeling pressure to constantly scroll social media, maybe without even realizing you were doing it. If you accidentally dropped the phone, it didn’t break into a million pieces and cost you hundreds of dollars to fix.

If you could stand to part ways with your smartphone, you’ll soon have a chance to take it old school once again. The company that bought Nokia announced that they’ll re-release a new yet similar version of the classic phone.

Details are still scarce, but reports say that the phone’s battery will last a MONTH (can you imagine?) and that it  will come in several color options. You’ll be able to do some web browsing and take pictures, and of course Snake will still be a prominent feature.


Bloomberg on Twitter

Why I might ditch my smartphone for the Nokia 3310"


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