REVIEW: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dynamic Boston Show

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans...unite!

That was pretty great last night, right? Hard to believe this band has been churning out songs and living on a tour bus for the better part of 35 years.  First of all, let me begin my simple review of last night's TD Garden show by saying that there is no one, not anywhere, not any band I've seen who can beat their sound.  They sound MONEY.  They are tight and rich and full and dynamic. Vocals were clear and spot on.  Flea did not fail to give us his typical funky bass and energy came from the drum kit as Chad ALWAYS brings it. But finally Josh, with some big shoes to fill (having had some pretty great guitarists in the job before him, namely, Dave Navarro and John Frusciante), I thought unassumingly killed it.  You kind of can't help falling in love with the youngest and newest member of the band, Josh Klinghoffer, the way he, like the other 3 vets on stage, pour everything into the performance and leave nothing on the table.  Or maybe it was his interesting and touching almost falsetto solo tribute to Cheers, a Boston only reference, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name."

So the sound: GREAT!

Visuals?  Great too.  Mainly because of those mesmerizing light tubes which came down from the ceiling and appeared to dance and sway differently with each chord.  After Anthony mentioned having played at The Rat and The Channel these same lights came down from the rafters to give us the illusion that we were in an intimate club setting.  Wicked. Cool.

And Anthony. Well, he's this consummate pro, I found you just can't take your eyes off the guy.  He didn't say too much to us, but he was locked in to what he was doing and what we were doing, and he was appreciative of our love and support for them.  In fact not even Flea could take the spot light away from Anthony for too long, even with his super flashy multicolored pantsuit, not even shirtless and not even shirtless and walking clear across the stage on his hands!  Well, maybe then.  But only then.  😉  But it was drummer, Chad Smith, who brought the biggest roar from the crowd at the end of the encore, when all members were off stage, he spent time rallying the crowd and he threw out his drum sticks to our delight.  He yelled into the microphone something about the Superbowl and "Fuck Yeah!" and people came unhinged, if only for a moment.

Presence: GREAT!

Ok now, here is me being picky.  The setlist was...good, it was strong, but not seemingly strong enough to keep everyone engaged in the music for the full 90 minutes (another minor complaint, seemed like a very short show).  We expect to hear new music and I love the new stuff, but there's never ANYTHING better that the ol' stuff.  The Mother's Milk, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, etc. etc.  So some highlights were: the high energy "Suck My Kiss" (great crowd participation), "By The Way" (amazing crowd appreciation) , the song opener "Can't Stop" (below), and perhaps the real shocker for this dj, the incredible response "Dark Necessities" received (one of their newest songs).  What I missed was more form my favorite Chili's album "Blood Sugar..." and the length of the show, and I only bring this up because I wanted MORE!  I just didn't want to get back out into the cold February rain and sleet, I wanted to hear "My Friends" and "Breaking The Girl" and hell even "Under The Bridge".

So if their goal was to leave us wanting, they achieved it, which isn't probably a bad thing.  It's kind of like when your girlfriend is mad at you because you aren't around as much as she'd like you to's all because she loves you and wants more.  Just the way I feel about this amazing dynamic 4 foursome.

-Amy Brooks


"Can't Stop" Red Hot Chili Peppers

Live Feb 7, 2017 TD Garden - Boston