My Backstage Experience With Anthony Kiedis-Amy Brooks

Hi guys-

Last night I was able to compose myself enough to get through a 10+ minute conversation with one of the most respected and recognized rock stars in America since his band's start in the mid 80's, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When I was first asked if this was something I would like to do, I was like

"does a bear sh*t in the woods? Of COURSE I will!"

Then the days got closer and finally arrived when I would be escorted into the bowls of the Boston Garden through metal detectors and bag checks.  I wasn't sure I'd experienced as much security precautions ever before.  But he is quite a rock star.  And hey you can't be too careful.

Ok so there I am waiting in a small room with black walls and nothing but 2 chairs and a lamp, (and some random headphones), wondering if Anthony was going to be on rock star time, when suddenly he showed up, early!  Hair combed, in a tailored jacket, looking unassumingly rock-starish.

So how do you greet this music icon?  No one teaches you that.  I've got my questions ready and our amazing promotions director Sean Doherty, has the recording gear for the audio set to go, but how the hell do you tell a guy who's that cool, and done so much, who has sold over 80 million copies of his music world wide, that you think he's great and that you are happy he is taking 15 minutes out of his full life to answer questions I'm sure he's answered before?  Well we started with an awkward hug.  I think he felt badly for me knowing that I was at somewhat of a he made the transition to regular chit-chat.  Oh how glad I was that this part wasn't on tape or film!

I foolishly thought by wearing my brand new New England Patriots Superbowl LI jersey it might add to the the talking points but he made it clear that the Pats were not his team. And in fact when we gave him a shirt of his own as a parting gift, he asked politely if he could GIVE IT AWAY (no pun intended, at least I don't think it was intended).  I understood (he's NOT a Boston sports fan, because he's THAT much of a Lakers fan) and he did redeem himself later in our conversation when I bring up the rolling rally, which happened the morning he had arrived to play.  He also answered a question I had about feeling pressure before a big show (like the Superbowl half time The Chilis did with Bruno Mars 3 years ago), saying something like "it's always good to have that adrenaline rush and be a little nervous and even have a little throw up in your mouth". Ok. Yuck. But he does have a point.

It was a thing I won't soon forget.  As this for my job it was a pretty great day at work and just amazingly fun because let's face it I am just as much a fan as anyone who listens.  (And I only threw up in my mouth a little) 😉


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