Marvel Drops The First 'Iron Fist' Trailer

Iron Fist has finally gotten it's trailer, and we cannot be excited enough!

When it comes to the Netflix set up for what will be The Defenders series, the character of Iron Fist, AKA Danny Rand is the last puzzle piece. The trailer shows a man that was lost in a plane crash, and comes back to find that his family's company has been infiltrated with criminals. He also has learned martial arts in his time away.

Also, Marvel seems to be keeping Rosario Dawson in the dough, as she reprises her role in the universe of Claire Temple, who's had roles in all 4 of the series clusters, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and now Iron Fist.

Check out the video and production stills below:

Marvel's Iron Fist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Fifteen years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) mysteriously returns to New York City determined to reclaim his birthright and family company. However, when a long-destined enemy rises in New York, this living weapon is forced to choose between his family's legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.