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Target Is Making It Even Easier To Impulse Buy

Frequent Target shoppers know that the store has the magical ability to encourage you to impulse buy.

You walked in determined to grab only conditioner and toilet paper, and suddenly you ended up dropping $150. How? You can’t be sure. They must pump something through the ventilation system that causes you to black out and forget what you put on your shopping list as you throw random things into your cart with reckless abandon.

Brace yourselves though: soon it will get even easier to engage in impulse buying madness, since Target will allow you to pay with your phone. No more standing at the checkout line trying to figure out if you need to swipe your card or use your chip.

The mobile payment option will be part of the Target app, but it will only be available to those with a REDcard to start with, so you might want to grab one of those ASAP. It will be similar to Apple Pay, and it will probably be the best/worst thing to happen to you in a while.

Thoughts and prayers to your checking account during this difficult time...


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