Exclusive: Inside NEW Incubus Album

Incubus held a listening party to introduce brand-new music at New York's Quad Studios (fun fact:  this was the studio where Tupac Shakur was robbed, shot and hospitalized in 1994.  He blamed Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy.  Ahh, the classic rap wars.)

It was a casual affair with the band assembled in the control room, and guitarist Mike Einziger doing most of the song introductions, with vocalist Brandon Boyd adding color and comic relief.


In the control room hearing new Incubus music

The band was in a positive mood and absolutely excited and proud to be showing off these new songs.  Everyone in attendance was given a Playbill-type booklet featuring Brandon's hand-written lyrics to 6 songs.

Incubus listening intently to new music with fans and music insiders

While we don't have all the details on the album title, track order, etc., here's what to expect based on what we heard:

  • ALT 92.9 will have a new single to play in a couple of weeks, a hard-rocking, classic Incubus sounding song called "Nimble Bastard."  It'll grab your attention really quickly.
Handwritten lyrics to Incubus' forthcoming single "Nimble Bastard"


  • Besides "Nimble Bastard," the songs are vintage Incubus and show tremendous range.  There are rockers, ballads, groovers, and even a 7th song not listed in our program described as a "mustache sniffer" (Brandon's term for a song that makes you pucker your lips and nod your head to the beat.  Hilarious.  But accurate.)
  • One song was described as the "Sexiest Incubus Song Ever."
  • Another song was collaboration with Skrillex.  The band explained it as a song they didn’t even consider.  While Incubus worked on other songs, Skrillex took that one into a studio, tinkered with it, and presented it to the band.  They really liked what he came up with.
  • The musicality on all fronts is amazing, especially Jose Pasillas' drumming, creating a pocket you can't help but groove too.
  • Titles of other songs we heard: Loneliest; State Of The Art; Undefeated; Familiar Faces; Glitter-Bomb

Incubus fans will love this new music and we'll get the album later this year.  A summer tour is also in the works, so expect to see the band showcasing this album in a big way.  It's worth the wait!

Ken West is the Program Director of ALT 92.9 and 105.7 WROR.  He is not responsible for typos, factual errors or global warming.